given vulnerable people the opportunities to transform their lives

How we help

Mental Health
Raising awareness of mental and emotional wellbeing: We help young people to become more aware of how important mental and emotional health is
Youth Exchange
We support young people to gain key competencies skills and attitudes to improve their personal development, social integration
Tolerance Program
We Encourages tolerance among youngsters, to prevent hate speech, to provide tools to recognize racism
Civic Responsibility
We encourage our young people to be responsible citizens and seek out ways to improve their communities

The Impact

We have robust and transparent evaluation processes that inform the continuous development of our programmes and ensure the quality and sustainability of our work. Take a look at our progress!


 Young people committed to work
against discrimination


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Survey Report 2021
In December to January 21, I Serve surveyed 200 people from BME communities in Bent to understand how the pandemic and lockdown has impacted. The results are -mental and physical health is worsened in the absence of fresh air and exercise when access to public spaces remains curtailed, - self-isolation at home is impossible even when necessary, eg where one or more are at-risk key workers or have Covid-19 symptoms,
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Survey Reprot 2020
In mid-April, I Serve surveyed over 400 young people aged 13 to 17 years across London to understand how the pandemic has impacted our youngest generations – a voice that has been missing from many of the pandemic and response conversations to date.
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To work with BME communities to transform the life chances of children and young people who have social, emotional and mental health needs