Be Influential

The aim of Be Influential project is to implement structural dialogue by bringing together young people aged 16-30 and political representatives on locally and European level.

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Healthy Life Style

The theme of the project activities is designed to show how important in the life of a young person is healthy and active lifestyle. The project is primarily designed to awake the youth creativity , entrepreneurship, civic activity , and also pay attention to the problem of discrimination.

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Sub Sahara

Han and-in-hand with African communities to prevent, manage, and overcome situations that adversely affect a community’s wellbeing – whether environmental, social, financial, or otherwise. We believe it is this approach that will help take Africa forward without losing the things that make our continent great. -

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young people from different countries to to discuss and give suggestions to solve one of the hottest European Community issues – unemployment and lack of viability for the young generation

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  1. Youth Exchange
  2. Employability Project
  3. International Proejct

Young & Mobile brought  together 48 young people from four different European countries the UK, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden particular people from BME Communities with the aim of ensuring that the current generation of young people in Europe are informed on the democratic society to which they belong, and feel empowered to participate in the democratic process and build a future for themselves in the community. 

The participants are very satisfied with their project.  87% of the participants would recommend participation in a similar project to others.

- Majority of participants had a greater interest in European issues after completion.

- Participants learned new things about Europe, and their European awareness was expanded.

- The programme also affected the personal development and educational and career plans of the participants.

The project has so far achieved against the original performance target including 30 clients going into full time employment, 10 clients finding par time employment. The project provided 21 employment information sessions consisting of career information, jobs expo and series of employment related training and (perhaps more crucially) work placement experience for clients with various partner involved in this project. To date, the programme has been successful in helping the most disadvantaged high-needs groups move back towards the labour market and access jobs and training. At the end of January More than 180 people have accessed the service and the following outcome achieve for clients.

The overall objective of the project is to set up and test nonformal stuctures to provide out-of-school education to young people in Somalia by open and distance learning in order to expand educational opportunities as widely as possible in Somalia Specific objectives include: • To provide educational opportunities which integrate formal schooling with earning-related learning and civic education to young women and girls currently unable to get to formal schools • To provide educational opportunities which integrate formal schooling with earning-related learning and civic education to young men and adolescent boys, especially ex-combatants and youths who have been attracted to become gang-followers • To develop learning materials and learning centre stuctures which can be used on an expanded basis after the project by educational authorities and NSAs gthroughout Somalia

What Our Participants are Saying

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our participants have to say.


It was a amazing experience for me. There were a lot of people from different cultures. Although we came from different countries, learned to be a group in there. I would like to say that it was pleasant to be part of this project. Thanks for everything to I Serve team.