Who we are

Youth is an international non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) working with young people to discover their potential and motivate them in order to improve their personal development through leisure activities, active use of free time, non-formal education and informal learning

We support the most disadvantaged individuals in the BME Community, and by developing trust and demonstrating respect, we show individuals the choices open to them and the potential within them. We believe everyone has the right to live as independently as possible, according to their choices, abilities and needs. Our vision is to empower people and improve lives; and to overcome barriers to independent learning, employment and preventing homelessness among BME communities including refugee and asylum seekers. We reach out to BME groups who have little hope for the future. By providing them with support and developing their employability and self-respect, we help them grow as citizens and establish positive links with their local communities.

I Serve’s services are targeted at the most vulnerable which are predominately asylum seekers, refugees, women, children & young people I Serve has run many Youth projects that meet the aims of the youth in Action Programme specifically in the fields of participation of young people, cultural diversity, European Citizenship, Inclusion of Young People with Fewer Opportunities, Media Literacy, and Millennium Development Goals. Our experience in project management and support or young people gives us the perfect grounding to support Youth in Action: as we have developed excellent systems and are a highly respected youth agency in the borough of Brent and surrounding areas of North and West London.