• Excellence – We aim for utmost efficiency and perfection. Always striving to do better, faster and quicker. Understanding our problems and moving forward with solutions to improve in a constant state of change with the aim of reaching excellence in all forms possible.
  • Development – We are also putting a lot of work to ourselves while we are teaching the younger generation to develop and improve. Discovering and improving upon the potential of the youth through leisure activities, non-formal education, informal learning and active use of free time.
  • Leadership – We are a very dedicated group of leaders who advocate proper and honest leadership. We bring together a skillful group of juveniles that have a clear potential to apply their skills in social, economic or any given situation to take charge of their destiny and take a course of action within their community to believe in themselves.
  • Inclusion – Regardless of race, gender, age, religion, nationality, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, socioeconomic status and geography we include everyone in the process who has or hasn’t the ability to be a part of us. Together we are strong.
  • Innovation – Innovation is the creation of new opportunities. From the very groundwork and up our organization values creativity and leadership which are advocated to be essential in solving the problems of the future. We give the chance and the opportunity for the youth to innovate and lead change through creativity.
  • Participation – We seek to create a total awareness of the situations surrounding us be it economic, social, geographical or anything that could affect a single person or all of us. We make the younger generation a part of our solution making process and give them the key to openly participate and take matters in to their own hands.
  • Freedom – Freedom is one of the critical values and human rights that we fully respect. Without the idea of being free mankind is limited and narrowed down. We want to unlock the potential of every person give them the voice to speak and think so they can give birth to new ideas and thoughts.