Call for change project was a european action 8 days and will involve a 48 young people from 4 European countries including UK, Denmark, Finland and Holland. during the exchange young people will take part non-formal programme of activities including a series of workshops, discussion groups involving young people, policy makers and stakeholder representatives. to discuss democratic issues, institutions and processes along with employability workshops.

The support they received from the project enabled them to build up their self confidence so that they were willing to speak up about the issues that affected them. The project reinforced better understanding of partners from different countries and influenced the participants understanding and feelings

A majority of the participants said the project helped them to become more aware of democratic process, and that they were now more prepared to exercise their democratic rights for example, by participating in elections.

The project has challenged young people opinions about people who are different from them, it also enabled them to build bridges with people outside of their community or group of friends.