hand-in-hand with African communities to prevent, manage, and overcome situations that adversely affect a community’s wellbeing – whether environmental, social, financial, or otherwise. We believe it is this approach that will help take Africa forward without losing the things that make our continent great. -


Our work can be categorized in four ways, while our founding belief that the protection of the natural environment is integral to a thriving community cuts across everything we do.

  • Humanitarian aid – When people’s needs are urgent, we are able to respond promptly and efficiently, very often using a form of aid we pioneered in East Africa – cash transfers. We also help people meet their food security and water needs, and support communities’ safe sanitation and hygiene practices.
  • Economy – A strong community needs a strong local economy. We work to strengthen local economies and protect communities from future shocks.
  • Influencing policy – We advocate on behalf of the communities we work with, giving them a voice on a local and international stage, and ensuring their interests and concerns are considered at the highest level.
  • Skills for life  – Through formal and informal education and skills training, we give young people and adults the skills and knowledge they need to lead more productive and self-sufficient lives.