Connects young people with opportunities to transform their lives

About Us

Our mission is to work with BME communities to transform the life chances of children and young people who have social, emotional and mental health needs.

We are committed to breaking the negative cycles which can limit children’s life chances and to ensuring that all children can make excellent progress.


We work to challenge society’s perceptions of the lifestyle and behaviour of young BAME people and to build trust and confidence between communities and the police.

We work with socially disadvantaged and excluded young people to combat social exclusion and low educational development.

Most importantly, we provide opportunities for young people to make a positive difference within their neighbourhoods.

  • Individual Transformation – Critical Thinking and  Leadership – We address the life conditions and immediate needs of youth and builds the self-esteem, skills and cultural understanding of youth organizers.

  • Team building – Consciousness Raising and Political Engagement – We develop positive relationships with young people across racial and ethnic lines, and neighborhood. Diverse youth  participate in leadership development through community organizing.

  • Raising awareness of self
  • Building trust and confidence


Consider all perspectives equally and honestly
Move people to believe in better
Make a difference, differently
Create change that matters